Our Services

It is our understanding that for all the products we sell and for all the projects we implement, there will be an organization of service - either by themselves or with recourse to the GESPA network.

It is foreseeable that the well-known service concepts are further developed with the current standard solutions in terms of customer orientation. It is to be expected, for example, that future is a service technician for your car to come to them and not vice versa.

Future systems will be supported by an intensive remote maintenance and many repairs planned in advance and carried out - before a failure can lead to failure. These tasks take on modern diagnostic tools.

In the experiments carried out by the GESPA projects these aspects are considered from the beginning, because within a few days often exceed the cost of a plant shutdown, the original acquisition cost.

Fields of activity
  • Maintenance and performance tests of photovoltaic systems incl. Carports
  • Maintenance of all sold products
  • Services for electric cars
  • Maintenance of solar mirror systems

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