Innovative products for a different future

The pace of the currently held "energy revolution" is influenced by the availability of new products and innovation. Consequently, each product having first and innovative components available to a pilot project and only through the use economical.

GESPA offers products for the generation of energy based on wind, water and sun and a variety of storage media. Noteworthy are the new "smart meters / smart grid" applications that support you to reduce spending on energy and reduce consumption of fossil fuels.

GESPA explores constantly products on European and Asian markets in order to provide comparative advantages for its clients.

This reveals that the number of products will increase steadily. We will inform you current on the latest developments.

Fields of activity

  • Storage systems
  • Meters and Static Transfer Systems
  • CO2-friendly lightings
  • Small wind turbines
  • Solar mirror systems
  • LED-solutions

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