Gespa Nordic is a corporation partner of the Elevion Group– the third largest electrical group in Germany. The Elevion Group is engaged in all aspects of the energy business, stretching from electricity and energy solutions in offices to retail stores, residential buildings, public buildings and industrial facilities. Furthermore, the group services both the car and commercial airline industry.

Several subsidiaries in the Elevion Group is ISO certified and provides self-produced products to and carries out repair and maintenance on airplane engines in both Europe and The United States.

The German Eberlein family founded the group in 1923 as a family business, but changed the company name to the current Elevion Group in 2011 after an expansion of the shareholder group. Through the years, the Elevion Group has acquired several companies which has brought up the number of employees to an all time high of 2.000, and with an expected revenue of MEUR 300 in 2015.

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