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Gespa Nordic is a member of the Elevion Group, the third largest electrical company in Germany. The Elevion Group was founded in 1923 by the Eberlein family. In cooperation with Gespa GmbH, Gespa Nordic conducts the groups operations within the renewable energy sector. We are responsible for all operations within the northern region, as well as in all other countries with no local Gespa representation.


«GESPA» presents elano in Austria

«GESPA» brings Tesla to Little Red Riding Hood

Together with our partners, Gespa Nordic offers top solutions in all aspects of renewable energy. We cooperate with some of the strongest developers and manufactures in the world, and as a result, we offer products and solutions meeting the highest standards for effectiveness and environmental impact.

The activities of Gespa Nordic is divided into five core areas: Electromobility, Innovative Products, Projects, Engineering & Studies and Services.

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